I Don't Have Time To Meal Prep

Don't Have Time To Meal Prep?

Time is the most important resource we have, because we can never get it back. How we choose to spend our time is very precious.

"I don't have time to meal prep" is one of the most common things I hear.

With the right preparation, it takes 2 hours a week to have 18 healthy, balanced meals ready to go in your fridge.

Ready for when you're running late.

Ready for when you are just too exhausted to make another decision.

Ready for when you have a friend who needs a pick me up.

Ready for your kids to grab for school lunch.

Ready so that you can spend more family time together.

Ready to make you feel energized, satisfied, and confident.

I get that you're busy. But if you truly care about your health and your time - you don't have the time to NOT meal prep.

I have a job. I run a business. I have a son. I am involved in my community and my church. I make time for individual time with my husband, and make time to see my friends.

Am I super freaking busy? YES. Do I meal prep EVERY WEEK? Yes. I wouldn't survive without it. And we would spend hundreds of dollars on DoorDash. (You think I'm kidding? I'm not.)


You can meal prep, and I'll change your life. I promise - I'm a living, breathing example of it. I'm here to teach you how to do it, every step of the way. It's possible, and it'll bring so much relief to your life. Trust me, we are in this together. Let's do this.